24 April 2024 Wednesday

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

ATB Introduction

Mr. Hulusi Çakıçı, Mr. Osman Bestel, Mr.Sadık Candaş, Mr. Rüştü Şensoy and Mr. Mehmet Temiz attempted to establish a “Commodity Exchange” in Aydın, and establishment of the Exchange was permitted by the then Ministry of Commerce on 6 September 1956. 
Thereupon, following the arrangements made by a committee consisting of Mr. Sırrı Gürsel, Mr.Ekrem Çiftçi, Mr.Mehmet Özşahin, Mr. M. Sırrı Aykutlu, Mr. Necati Özcöllü, Mr. İsmail Manavoğlu, Mr. Şahin Cengiz Şahin,Mr. Fevzi Paksoy, Mr. Mustafa Byramoğlu, Mr. Mustafa Özalp and Mr. Sadık Aksar, elections were completed on 9 October 1956, and the Exchange went into action on 10 October 1956 with its 93 members.
It is a public entity established in Aydın province, pursuant to article 28 of the Chambers and Exchanges Act no 5174, for purchase and sales of the items traded on the Exchange and to deal with determination, registration and announcement of stock prices. It offers the following services: arranges and registers exchange purchase and sales of items traded on the Exchange; duly determines and announces the daily stock prices of the items traded on the Exchange; issues and approves the documents stated in article 51 of Law no 5174. Besides, it sets up new/participates in existing laboratories and technical bureaus to determine type and quality of the items traded on the Exchange; determines customs and practices within its territory relating to the exchange and submits such for ministerial approval and announces them. Requests from and makes offers and applications to relevant authorities for any issues relate with exchange activities; in case it is in all or some of its members’ best interests, files legal actions on behalf of such members or on its own behalf; follows agreements and decisions which may have competitive distorting effects and applications/implementations which may be considered as a concerted action, and informs the relevant authorities if finds any. 
Total 14 Council Members and 14 Personnel -all elected- take office at our association. Aydın Commodity Exchange serves at its service building over an area of approx. 8.370 square meter. 
Aydın Commodity Exchange management, throughout the process that it commenced to serve more and better to its own members and for the economic and social development of its territory, set up an ISO 9001 Total Quality Management System in 2007 and aimed at reaching an organisational structure and achieving the service quality standards 
In 2010, Aydın Commodity Exchange has been integrated in “TOBB Chamber and Exchange Accreditation System” of Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB). Through the capacity enhancement and reorganisation studies accordingly commenced at the Exchange, both the quality and the quantity of the services have been enhanced and being offered to its members with a contemporary management mentality and organisational form.
Aydın Commodity Exchange, with its member-oriented service concept, was granted TSE ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate, in 2014, and it undertakes a customer satisfaction system through which suggestions, complaints, information requests and satisfactions of its members are easily communicated within the legal framework provided by Laws, where such notices are quickly, effectively, earnestly and fairly considered, evaluated and concluded, and which is open for improvement by a continuous improvement effort.
With this conscious, Aydın Commodity Exchange carries on its studies to fulfil requirements of a contemporary stock exchange.   

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