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Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Aydın Yamalak Yellow Olive


''Aydın Yamalak Yellow Olive'', which was protected by Aydın Commodity Exchange on 26.06.2018 with the application number C2018/138, was registered on 21.04.2021 before the institutions related to Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority. 

Aydın Yamalak Yellow Olive has grown just in Aydın province. Aydın province is a commercial olive variety that is widely grown in Aydın and is grown from Yamalak, a town in a Kuyucak district. The reason its name is Yamalak Yellow is due to the fact that a teacher living in the region found and began to grow this variety.

Aydın Yamalak Yellow Olive is the earliest maturing olive in Aydın province. The unique climate, precipitation, humidity and altitude characteristics of the region also make Aydın Yamalak Yellow Olives earlier than other varieties. Since the Yamalak Yellow variety is considered as a green tableware, the green ripening period is between the last week of September and the first week of October when ın other green table olive varieties this period is the second week of October. Therefore, with the privilege of harvesting early, Aydın Yamalak Olives guide tha market conditions.

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Aydın Yamalak Yellow Olive
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