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Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Aydın Kestanesi


Aydın Commodity Exchange has carried out important studies in order to recognize the ''Aydın Kestanesi'' which is grown depending on the unique characteristics and local qualities of Aydın province on a national and international platform.

Aydın Commodity Exchange first applied for the name of  ''Aydın Kestanesi'' geograhical sign origin to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority in 2010 and registered it on 24.11.2011 and protected the ''Aydın Kestanesi".

In order to know Aydın Kestanesi on an international platform and to increase the added value of the products, an application was made to the European Union on September 8, 2015 with the reference number TR-PDO-0005-01362. 

Aydın Kestanesi, published in Official Journal of the European Commission dated September 24, 2020 and numbered 2020/1321 before European Union, has been registered by the European Commission as Turkey's 4th Protected Designation of Origin. 

Distinctive features of ''Aydın Kestanesi''; it is the size of the fruit, the easy peelability of its shell and the fact that the seed membrane enters the fruit flesh. The size of the fruit is quite high than the chestnut grown in other regions. Because the chestnuts grown in Aydın province grow on the plateaus watered from the Great Menderes River, in the temperate climate belt and with the desired altitude value.  The shell is bright and the succulent part of the Aydın Kestanesi, which can be easily peeled off, is also quite soft. Quality characteristics are unique value for all of the Turkey with the geographical features offered to it by Aydın province. 

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