24 April 2024 Wednesday

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Our Mission

Our Mission
is to fulfil duties assigned by the relevant legislation of the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and the Chambers and Exchanges Law No 5174,

  • To engage in purchase and sales of goods traded on the Exchange and in determination; registration and declaration of daily generated stock prices
  • To issue and certify the documents specified in the regulation
  • To establish and/or participate in the established laboratories 
  • To contribute to development of agricultural and agro-industrial sectors and to improvement of their competitiveness
  • To make contribution to development of regional, national and international trade of the products quoted on our exchange and formation of free market rates
  • To establish product-specialized-exchange where trade is based upon commodity bills
  • To prioritize quality in any and all services we provide to our members.

Our Vision
is to become a regionally and nationally acknowledged exchange;

  • Being managed by a contemporary manner of rule
  • Improving its services in parallel with the needs and expectations of its members
  • Ensuring member satisfaction through its transparent and high quality services
  • Appreciated and respected by the key decision-makers in the regional development with sense of Social Responsibility

Provided to comply with the terms set forth by legislations.

Core Values


Aydın Commodity Exchange is an impartial organization that respects rights and law in our service areas. It is inseparable from justice and truth when performing our activities; it does not discriminate between the stakeholders.


Aydın Commodity Exchange is an organization that does not compromise our reliable feature. We serve the stakeholders at all times and under all conditions with all our resources; are aware of own responsibility to our members and complies with the service principles we have committed to the stakeholders. 


Aydın Commodity Exchange is an organization that attaches importance to the participation of the stakeholders. Cooperates with various institutions, businesses and stakeholders. Values the opinions of its members, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to improve the quality of service. 


Aydın Commodity Exchange is an organization that is sensitive to the needs and expectations of all the stakeholders, especially our members. Complies with all legal regulations; develops projects to increase member satisfaction. Also Commodity Exchange takes care of the occupational health and safety of our employees; supports social responsibility projects.


Aydın Commodity Exchange is an organization that acts with a management approach in favor of innovation. Keeps up with technological developments; leads change and innovation for maximum satisfaction and minimum cost. 





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