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Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


Aytb Aydın Foodstuff Laboratories

AYTB Aydın laboratories were established in 2002 as a single unit for fig exports and have developed rapidly over time as 8 units. Currently, we have a food and feed analysis laboratory working under the Ministry of Agriculture and a Water- Waste Water analysis laboratory that works under Ministry of Environment Pesticide, toxin, additive-residue, heavy metal, microbiology, physical and chemical analyses are carried out in our food laboratory.

Our food analysis laboratory, which serves all over Turkey with approximately 400 analyses, is accredited from TÜRKAK in many parametres. Our laboratory, which is one of the first accredited laboratories in Türkey, received its first accreditation from German Accreditation Agency DAR/DAP. Our laboratory, which sets it a mission to provide quality service, has been among the few laboratories of the INTERNATIONAL OLIVE COUNCIL (IOC) since 2008.

All analyses of food are carried out in our food analysis laboratory and it also serves as the subcontractor laboratory of TSE. In addition, KOSGEB provides 50% government support to its customers in the analyses carried out in the database. Our laboratory, which adds new units and new analyses every year, is focused on customer satisfaction. Initially serving at the local level, it has been promoted to a laboratory that has had a say all over the country for the last 5 years. 

This lab was fully incorporated in 2005. It succesfully provides turnkey laboratory installation services and accreditation consultancy services throughout the country through its team of consultants. Among the laboratories we have established are the Adapazarı Commodity Exchange Private Food Control Laboratory and the Düzce Commodity Exchange Private Food Control Laboratory. Additionally, our lab also provides TRAINING SERVICES upon request. It offers services with its experienced staff in the training of Food Analysis, Water- Wastewater Analysis, TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competence of Test and Calibration Laboratories, Method Validation and Measurement Uncertainty. 

In 2008, the company established another environmental analysis laboratory, one of the most needed in the Aegean Region. The Environmental Analysis Laboratory also provides analysis services to many factories, especially hotels, summer sites and municipalities, and conducts audit analyses on behalf of the Ministry of Environment. As in our food laboratory, our environmental laboratory is also accredited in all analyses obtained from the ministry by TURKAK.

Our lab closely follows EU marketing standards. It broke new ground by establishing the Olive Oil Tasting Panel, required and essential in olive oil, and by achieving the IOC-International Olive Council accreditation both in chemical analyses and in the tastings panel. Our olive oil industry will be able to engage in commercial activities comfortably with our analysis reports that are accepted all over the world.

In April 2012, our laboratory underwent a complete renovation with a radical change in the building infrastructure. Consoles, ventilation system, sample storage units, our administrative units are completely redesigned to Eu standars. Access to laboratories is controlled by a fingerprint system and can be applied in all departments. All of our lab is equipped with hygienic ventilation, heating and surface equipment, as is the case in intensive care units, and certified by internationally accredited institutions, including environmental conditions.

Our laboratory provides analysis, training and consultancy services to exporters, importers, manufacturers, consumers, supermarkets, hotel kitchens, restaurants, school cafeterias, municipalities, and many other organizations. Our laboratory provides the health and quality assurance of food production through agreements with food companies. As a result of the control analyses performed in accordance with the hygiene consultancy provided by our laboratory, we are issued a certificate certifying that food companies, mass consumption places, hotel kitchens, etc., that have been inspected under the supervision of our laboratory and offer safe food service. 

Environmental analyses are just as important as food analyses. We go on to work with the factories, municipalities, hotels and sites that serve as a treatment plant for the environment as well as food. 

We know that quality that is not controlled, measured or assessed is not real quality. We emphasize at every opportunity that all our food businesses must take precautions by periodically inspecting them in terms of consumer's health and food safety, and in order to complete in the national and international markets. Food analyses need to be carried out in order to complete in price, to prevent possible risks and to be established a standard quality. A safer and healthier future awaits us, provided that we embrace this awareness. 



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