22 June 2024 Saturday

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

ATB Aydın Soğuk Hava Depoculuk A.Ş.


             Developed by the Aydın Commodity Exchange with the support of the Southern Aegean Development Agency, the cold storage project will store the fig fruit in Aydın under healthy and appropriate conditions after it is harvested. In this way, the product can be sold for 12 months while avoiding the uncertainty caused by price fluctuations of fig producers. Exports will be improved in Aydın as the value-added of dried figs that improve quality and marketing capacity. 

The Aydın Renewable Energy Sources Cold Storage Facility is built on a 19,000- square meters area in Erbeyli, Aydın with a total project value of 5.5 million Turkish Liras and with a grant of 3 million Turkish Liras by the South Aegean Development Agency. Solar energy is used in the 1,800-ton cold storage unit. The facility's photovoltaic solar panels with a capacity of 254 kwa meet some of the electricity consumption of the cold storage tank. The project also includes a cold room, a frozen room, a storage room and pre-cooling rooms. Admission of the first product was made in 2020 at the Renewable Energy Sources Cold Storage Area in İstanbul in December 2020. In addition to dry figs, wet fruits and vegetables, processed food products, meat and aquaculture can be stored under favorable conditions. This way, the illuminated manufacturer and merchant can be protected from the uncertainty caused by price fluctuations in the market. 

The Aydın Renewable Energy Sources Cold Storage will ensure to recognize significantly for dried fig production Aydın province that is number one in the world. The export potential of Aydın is expected to increase with Renewable Energy Sources Cold Storage, also. 

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