24 January 2022 Monday

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Our Policies


  • To satisfy our members by meeting their needs and expectations to make a contribution to regional and national economic development,
  • To prioritize the sense of Social responsibility in our relationships with our partners,
  • To dynamise our Quality Management System, which is the indication of our corporateness, within our Exchange and hence get it internalised, and to ensure its continuous improvement, 
  • To increase our corporate performance by maintaining continuous improvement of our employees’ competencies,  
  • To continuously improve the Quality Management System in the light of developments and in the line of recent targets,
  • To provide all such services with a contemporary manner of rule and within the frame of Corporate Governance Principles,


  • Within the frame of the legislation being governed, the Exchange enhances its financial resources through interests and funds.
  • Management of the financial resources is executed through reliable-information-based decisions, therefore a competent expert is employed within the Exchange,
  • Access to any kind of information or data needed is made available by the exchange.


  • The Exchange gives importance to social responsibility projects in order to provide contribution to the regional development.
  • Takes a pioneering role in social responsibility projects within its province.
  • Pays strict attention to fulfil its social and environmental responsibilities to the local community in concerted cooperation with its members, employees, public institutions, non-governmental organisations and other partners.


  • The Exchange is aware that the principal source that determines its corporate performance is the human resources. Therefore, assigns right persons to right positions.
  • is well aware of the positive contribution of orientation and rotation practices to the corporate performance.
  • monitors the performances of its employees through the employee performance management system it developed and makes the necessary improvements.
  • Makes career planning together with its employees and provides training opportunities they need.


  • The Exchange effectively uses any and all media tools as a communication media particularly website, electronic mail, sms, etc.,
  • efficiently uses the written and visual media to introduce its services to its members and to any and all related parties.
  • Way of media coverage (local/national press conferences, press releases, interviews, participation in TV programs, etc.) is designated in accordance with the board decision.
  • It properly maintains its relationships with the press at board level.
  • Sets up a distinct department to ensure the continuity of its relationships with written and visual press.


  • The Exchange considers information technologies as the sole means of efficiency,
  • Qualifies IT as a strategic area,
  • It has already initiated the studies on IT situation analysis whereby a course for IT be determined.   


  • The Exchange gives particular importance to its members’ needs and expectations for the improvement of its services.
  • It established the necessary mechanism and system to properly identify its members’ needs and expectations,
  • developed its own method to keep member information up-dated.
  • It pays utmost care for the confidentiality and security of its members’ information,
  • incorporates all needs and expectations of its members as a “member requirement” to increase member satisfaction. 

ATB, with a customer-oriented service manner and within the legal framework, commits an open-to-progress customer satisfaction system whereby its customers may easily communicate their suggestions, complaints and information requests and such notifications be handled, evaluated and concluded promptly, effectively, earnestly and fairly.

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