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Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Aydın Çam Fıstığı


The application for the name of 'Aydın Çam Fıstığı' which was the application number C2019/071  to the Turkish Patent Institute on 19.06.2019 was registered on 16.07.2021 before the institutions related to Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority.  

Pine Nuts, are usually produced in mountainous areas, are great importance for rural development cause they provide an important source of income to the local poeple. 60% of the pine nuts are produced in Turkey  are covered by Aydın province. 80% of Pine Nut produced in the region is exported and contributes tothe foreign currency to the country. 

The climate conditions of Aydın province, its soil structure and the suitability of pH level, the mountains around its provide to have the specific characteristics of Aydın Çam Fıstığı.

In the other regions of Turkey, where pine nuts are grown intensively, the amount of cones in a tree in peanut pine forests are 20, while in Aydın there are 56. The average yield per hectare is 60-70 kg of internal peanuts in other regions, while in Aydın the average is 120 kg of peanuts. Quality characteristics are a unique value for all Turkey with the geographical features offered to it by Aydın province.

As Aydın Commodity Exchange, efforts are being made to make pine nuts, which are an important value added product in Aydın province and the regional ecenomy, known nationally and internationally. 

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Aydın Çam Fıstığı
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