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Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Who Can Be A Member & Advantages

In accordance with Article 32 of the Law No. 5174 and Article 7 of the Regulation on Stock Exchange Business, those who engaged in the exchange of substances included in the Commercial exchange division must register on the Stock Exchange of their location. Any changes of the situations’ announcements and registry that required in accordance with Turkish Commercial Code and the situations of those who have to sign to the Exchange must be informed in a month since that has occured to the registered their Exchanges. The relevant Commercial Exchange, which receives information about an issue that is necessary and not registered in the legal form and time, informs the relevant registrar of the status of those who do not fulfill this requirement in order to maket he necessary registration changes. The registrar’s office is obliged to take the necessary actions upon this notification. Those who do not fulfill the registration requirement are recorded directly by the exchanges and notified to them.


Except being a legal obligation, membership in Aydın Commodity Exchange has many advantages.

Aydın Commodity Exchange members can benefit from all services offered by Commodity Exchange.

  • By searching, evaluating and doing report studies in accordance with our members’ wishes for the matters of own professional, hopes and problems to make initiatives before the necessary authorities and to follow the results,
  • To help solving the legal problems that may be encountered in the field of Commercial Law, Business and Social Security Law and Tax Law in business life and commercial relations,
  • To profit technical knowledge and consulting services about domestic and foreign trade,
  • To be informed immediately about our announcements concerning legislative changes and commercial life,
  • To benefit from the initiatives and mediation services necessary for the resolution of disputes in foreign disputes,
  • To benefit from foreign trade fair organizations,
  • To benefit from foreign purchasing delegation organizations,
  • To benefit from business visiting organizations to the abroad,
  • To obtain a registration certificate, which is necessary for various commercial transactions of companies and in some cases must be obtained, such as an activity document issuing documents based on the registry records,
  • To inform as to job offers and fairs to abroad, tenders also,
  • Taking decisions on matters concerning our members,
  • To organize training, seminar and contact meeting that are needed by our members,
  • To make studies regarding to the meeting of our province’s historical and culturel existences,
  • To reserve our conference room for our members as reduced,
  • To provide documents to official creditor and private institution that wish to research in variety subjects
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