22 June 2024 Saturday

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Message From The Chairman of The Board

Message From The Chairman of The Board

With the riches offered by nature Aydın; has proven itself in national and international markets in terms of product diversity and evaluation of these products at the right time.

Aydın Commodity Exchange, never compromises on the basic reliability of the stock Exchange and acts with a sustainable and innovative working approach, continues to improve the quality of services with the developing technology.

Our Exchange which is responsible for the active paticipation of members, has always cooperated with several institution and regarded the ideas that resulted from this.

Aydın Commodity Exchange takes increasing the market place of our members operating in different sectors by contributing to the development of regional, national and international trade of products located on the borders of our region as a mission.

Accordingly, Aydın Cold Storage Inc. which is planned to keep the cultivated agricultural products in a hygienic place and in the line with its regular presence in the market presents some remarkable contribution commercially.

We, as Aydın Commodity Exchange, are aware of our responsibility. For this reason, we will continue to work with the excitement of the first day we take office and provide maximum benefit and satisfaction with the developing technology.

Chairman of The Board of Aydın Commodity Exchange


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