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Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

02.09.2022 Institutions Setting Their Heart on Cotton, Known as White Gold, Collaborated

02.09.2022 Institutions Setting Their Heart on Cotton, Known as White Gold, Collaborated

Cotton, which is most important raw material of many textile and gramet products from our clothes to the furniture we use at home and is among the most valuable agricultural products of our country's agriculture, holds to be a source of income for tens of thousands of people, from farmers to merchants, ready to wear, and continue to cherish its strategic important with the added value. 

World Cotton Day, which has been celebrated on October 7 very year since 2019 to emphasize the importance of cotton production and trade, has been converged on the recommendation of the International Cotton Advisory Board (ICAC). 

Institutions carrying out many joint projects in order to develop the cotton and cotton-based sectors of our country organized 7 October World Cotton Day event, which will be celebrated physically for the first time in our country. The event will take place on Friday 7 October 2022 at the joint organization of Izmir Commodity Exchange, Aegean Exporters Association, Söke Commodity Exchange, Söke Chamber of Agriculture, National Cotton Council, Good Cotton Practices Association, Aegean Clothing Manufacturers Association and participation of all stakeholders in the cotton value chain. 

The event is intended to promote the recognition of cotton as a global commodity, to strengthen the relationship and collaboration between farmers, industrialists and other entities to further research and development on cotton, and to encourage the technological development of cotton.

While it is stated the program and other details of organization will be announced by participating institutions at soon, cotton will be added to the World Cotton Day celebrations that will take place in the festival concept. 

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