05 December 2022 Monday

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

29.08.2022 Chairman of Aydın Commodity Exchange Fevzi Condur Issued Statements Associated With The Production Season of Cotton

29.08.2022 Chairman of Aydın Commodity Exchange Fevzi Condur Issued Statements Associated With The Production Season of Cotton

Fevzi Condur, Chairman of Aydın Commodity Exchange, issued statements regarding the production season of cotton, which is remarkable global raw material due to its prevalence in production and consumption.

Fevzi Condur, who evaluated 2022 production season of cotton being a strategic good due to the fact that it provides inputs to industrial sectors with high added value, stated that planting has increased from 500,000 denars to 570,000 denars this year with the rise of cotton prices in 2021 and the cotton planting rate in Aydın province by 14%. Mr. Condur added that Sunflower production was realized in the 2nd crop. Since State Hydraulic Works stated that the producers will not have problems in irrigation this year, cotton cultivation rates in our city as the second product.

Stating that producers experienced problems in the production season due to the increase in input costs, Condur said that the increase in input costs adversely affected the production season. In particular, important items such as fuel oil, fertilizer, medicine and seeds increased by 250%-350%. However, low number of diseases makes the cost of disinfection more acceptable than last year. When we analyze the irrigation costs, the producers who do not receive water from irrigation associations and irrigate their crops with their own artesian have suffered due to high electricity bills.

Mr. Condur stated that last irrigation was done in the first planted cotton in April and it could exceed last year in terms of decare yields. Expressing cotton production will result in a figure higher than last year, as long as there is no extraordinary precipitation and natural disaster before cotton harvest, Fevzi Condur, Aydın Commodity Exchange Chairman, predicting that productivitiy would continue in this way until the end of the harvest season. 
Fevzi Condur, Chairman of Aydın Commodity Exchange, which assesses the support of 1 Lira 10 cents said that analyzed the increase in input costs and reduction in productivity, one could demand an increase of the support amount to 1 Lira 10 cents. However given the current situation, we could say that amount of support is bupkes. 

Stating that the recession in Europe has reduced the demand in the yarn industry, Mr. Condur expressed that especially EU countries, which are our biggest customers, have reduced the demand for textile products due to the recession. As it is known, demand for textile production does not constitute necessity as much as the demand for food products. For this reason, there is a decline in yarn demands. The fact that the cotton produced is suddenly offered to the market and can not find sufficient demand also affects the producers indirectly. Generally, as of September, garment ans yarn orders begin to become certain. Our hope is that there will be no decrease in the demands from Europe.

Assessing the effects of Russia-Ukraine war on the textile sector, Mr. Condur said that Ukraine and Russia are countries with high customer potential in the field of garments. With the end of the war and the transition to the normalization period, two countries will increase the demand for our garment products market.

Stating that the producers continue to produce under difficult conditions, Mr. Condur expressed that they are grateful to the producers for ensuring sustainability in production despite the difficult conditions. Mr. Condur added that as traders and industrialists, we will continue to work selflessly to increase the added value of cotton.

Fevzi Condur wished that the cotton harvest season of 2022 would be auspicious for all producers, traders and industrialists. 

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