05 December 2022 Monday

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

31.08.2022 Sister Commodity Exchanges Are Meeting at WorldFood Istanbul Fair

31.08.2022   Sister Commodity Exchanges Are Meeting at WorldFood Istanbul Fair

Aydın Commodity Exchange and Istanbul Commodity Exchange will meet at the International Food Products and Technologies Fair- WorldFood Istanbul Fair, the international meeting point of the Turkish Food Industry. 

WorldFood Istanbul, which includes food and beverage producers and Turkey's top buyers, will be held at the TUYAP Fair Congress Center from 1 to 4 September 2022. 

Aydın Commodity Exchange and Istanbul Commodity Exchange will host the visitors with Commodity Exchange Members at the WorldFood Istnabul Fair, which drew international attention and a visitor's profile. Participating firms will be able to meet local and international visitors for 4 days to promote their branded products at the WorldFood Istanbul Fair, allows the producers from the food and beverage industry professionals and buyers from around the world and enable the growth of Turkey's trade potential.

Aydın Memecik Olive Oil Will Be Presented at WorldFood Istanbul 

Aydın Commodity Exchange, which has been dedicated to increasing branding, promoting the national and international image of our region's products, increasing regional  consumption, preventing someone who sales olive oil with adulteration will share the specific features of Aydın Memecik Olive Oil from which it receives Protected Designation of Origin application. WorldFood Istanbul Fair will offer the visitors a taste of Aydın Memecik Zeytinyağı with protected designation of origin by Tasting Panelists of Aydın Commodity Exchange, which is accredited by International Olive Council (IOC), and specific features of quality olive oil and taste criteria. 

Fevzi Condur, Chairman of Aydın Commodity Exchange stated that they participate to support the members of Aydın Commodity Exchange, both export and have high export potential said that Istanbul Commodity Exchange, Our Sister Commosity Exchange, will be held at International Food Fair WorldFood Istanbul, which is one of the most important meeting points of the food industry. Our stand that shared together, which the members of our Commodity Exchange will participate in, will allow us to meet with international companies and establish important business speaking.

Mr. Condur said that the fair would offer the visitors with ı Protected Designation of Origin as Aydın Memecik Olive Oil, Aydın Memecik Olive, Aydın Pine Nut, Aydın Yamalak Sarısı Zeytini as well as Aydın Chestnut sweet produced from Aydın Chestnut, registered by EU.

Stating Aydın Commodity Exchange Tasting Panelists accredited by International Olive Council will help guide visitors to the taste of Aydın Memecik Olive Oil throughout the fair, Fevzi Condur, invite visitors to Aydın Commodity Exchange to learn about the rights and quality olive oil consumption. Aydın Commodity Exchange, TUYAP will host visitors at 4 day WorldFood Istanbul Fair, Saloon 5- Stant C501. 

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