18 July 2024 Thursday

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Aydin Pine Nuts

It is very limited place to plant and sufficent to produce  pine nuts in the world. Sufficent to produce and to growth pine nuts is very limited in the world. That is why all reason increase its value. Diffirent types of wheather and soil conditions cause flavour change. Peanut Pine effects in the Mediterranean Climate etc. Spain, Portugal, Italy, Adriatic Coast, Peloponnese peninsula, Crete Island and Coast of Anatolia. It is also found in humid and temperate areas of Western Africa and South America, and in communities around Crimea.

The optimum growing environment of peanut Pine in our country is Bergama-Kozak, Çine-Karpuzlu, Aydın-Koçarli, Söke-Bagarı, Milas-peat, Mugla-Kantarcı-Madran, Antalya-Serik-Manavgat, Maraş-Önsen, Izmir-Seydiköy and Artvin-Çoruh Valley. Aydin - koçarli and izmir-bergama-kozak have an important place in these areas.

Benefits from the Pine Nut Tree;

Peanut Pine produces every year. It likes sunny places and regular climates. They are produced by seed. Conifers mature by January, conifers collected until June are constantly laid in the sun to open the conifers are provided. Then the nuts are removed.

Aydin Pine Nuts
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